Services 服務

Consultation 諮詢

Are you thinking about getting a visa to go to Australia for work, study, travel or even migrate to Australia but do not know what to do? Our consultation service can help you. Having analysed your background information and situation, we will let you know what visa options you have and what you need to do to satisfy visa application requirements.


Migration Planning 移民計劃

Most people do not satisfy all the requirements straight away to apply for Australian permanent resident (PR) visas when the idea of migration to Australia appears in their minds for the first time. In fact many people need at least a few years of preparation to become eligible for their PR visa applications, so a good migration plan is paramount. With the professional knowledge in Australian migration law, regulations and visa requirements, we can plot tailor-made migration plan for you and let your Australia dream come true in the shortest possible time.


Visa Application 簽證申請

There is a wide variety of Australian visas and their requirements can differ much. If you do not want to spend a lot of time in doing research of visa features, requirements and application procedures, or suffer from the consequence of messing up a visa application because of making mistakes, our visa application service can help you avoid all these troubles.